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“Give me $30 grand… let me see what I can do.”




July of 2012: My first (would-be) investor and I had a very serious conversation about a revolutionary investment vehicle I was creating in the realm of sports wagering. I had been calculating, hypothesizing, strategizing and refining my program for years, and I requested $30,000 in bankroll to finish out the baseball season. My angel investor rustled up $25k, and asked that I put the final $5k into the mix – sort of a “money where your mouth is” statement. Armed with $30,000, I headed west, prepared to put my theories and analysis to the ultimate test – the sports books of Las Vegas.

September of 2012: With the program off to a fantastic start, we finished the baseball season up around 40% – a terrific return. We picked up a few additional investors, and back out west I went to tackle football/basketball that autumn. Again, the results were amazing as we rounded January, approaching baseball again. (Yes, I was more aggressive that sample season, as I did treat it like an audition. We have since established much more safe and sustainable attack strategies using highly proprietary blueprints).

July of 2013: In a meeting of the minds, I was told that if my returns were still substantial after one full year, my small investment squad would open the “roll a dex” up and have a recruitment gala. It was a big success, and we were now operating with slightly over six figures. I was traveling from Ohio to Nevada almost weekly now to tend to my new company, and as my program gained more traction, we attracted more participants. Our bankroll was getting heftier by early 2014, and my family and I had to decide if we were ready to make the big move across the country from Ohio to Nevada.

June of 2014: It was time to turn pro! With plenty of bankroll to run my program, we headed west, officially forming Moneyline Analytics, LLC (MLA).

March of 2015: MLA meets Advantage Analytics, and their Chief Analytical Architect, Professor Clayton Graham. Professor won a prestigious award at the annual Sloan Conference at MIT that year, and MLA partnered up with Professor later that summer.

Since that time, we have authored two papers together, one finishing in the top 10 of the Sloan Conference’s elite panel. Clay and I combined our forte’s – mine being theory and operations, while his is the math acumen. I love working with Prof – a true professional.




March of 2018: The Supreme Court ruled that each state is now permitted to allow sports wagering. This actually means very little to MLA and how we operate (since we’re a Nevada based company), but it does create much more interest across the country. Since MLA knows how to do it right, this makes it the perfect time to open remote locations.

Currently: Moneyline Analytics is becoming the best investment option in most of our clients’ portfolios. We have hit 17% annual returns (or higher) in every year of our existence, and our program has reached “auto-pilot” type autonomy in our execution process.

Once operating from an Ohio basement with a laptop, we now have a beautiful corporate headquarters overlooking the mountains in Summerlin, Nevada, and our staff of six helps execute our offense each day. The client roster has moved from five to 70 in six short years, and our micro-wagering philosophy has been a proven winner. If you’re looking to grow with us as an investor, contact me personally to find out what we can do for you.




2019: With my start (and most of my original team) coming from Dublin, Ohio, we are proud to announce our first MLA satellite office will be opening in Dublin this coming January! Look for information on watch parties, Blue Jacket events, Memorial Golf Tournament involvement, wine and app galas and more, found on the ‘Events’ tab of the website.

2020 and beyond: MLA wants to become your best investment. We have refined our offense, and would like to have 4-5 offices up and running in Phoenix, Denver, and Charlotte. Contact us for involvement in a satellite location.

As I look back at the magical transformation from idea to company, I realize that I have an incredible job… I watch sports for a living! Not only that, but my client roster has allowed me to meet several different types of people, which has made for some interesting stories to say the least. That I think is the best part. Contact me today to join the team.


Matt Turnipseede

President, Moneyline Analytics

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